Tangerine red, samba, burnt henna, firebrick, vivid orange, bright amber, peach, magenta purple, classic blue, pungent blue, pastel blue, sea green, acid yellow, celery color, army green, sandstone, deep blue, pupil mouth, white, uniform blue, almond oil and gray tones were among the colors that guide the 2020/2021 autumn-winter season.

Brands reflect this wide variety of colors to their designs in different ways. When we look at the 2020-2021 Autumn / Winter shoe designs, the models we saw last season, the military boots, continue to appear. These models will continue to be diversified with different ergonomic base designs and keep their place on the shelves.

Again, the white boots we saw in the last season keep their place. It seems that the use of white in boots is very popular. It will remain in white winter trends for a while. In addition to white, we will also see shoes and boots models in colors determined by pantone such as red, samba and tile red tones. Red is one of the indispensable colors in heeled shoes. It is a fact that boots are as popular as white in the winter season.

There is another point that changes in shoes; tissue. We often see velvet and satin textured boots. When different textures and trendy colors come together, the interest in winter boots is quite high.

Another point that draws our attention is; heel. We have seen different heel designs frequently in this year's spring-summer season. Their popularity continues to appear in boots in the autumn-winter season. We see high-heeled boots in our daily life. Choosing among the shoes that we will come across with many different heel designs has become very difficult.

Embroidery and the using of different materials draw attention in the designs of boots. Fancy shoe models took their place on the shelves. We should also be careful when combining one of these designs that will add elegance to daily life. When I say I will be stylish, let's not be tacky.