The countdown has begun, only hours are left to say "Hello!" to 2021. As every year, we are entering the new year with many hopes and good wishes. Although we are leaving an unusually difficult year behind, we never give up the believing the good things happen for every new year..

Preparations for New Year's Eve have already started. Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide a crowded places where we can get together with our loved ones for this year. New Year's Eve will be spent at home and in quarantine. We may not have the chance to be dazzling this year at the parties we prepare and attend, but we can find ways to be both comfortable and stylish at home.

Do not forget that you can be stylish with your combines that you will make shabby and comfortable. Flat sole comfortable shoes such as sneakers and flat shoes will definitely be preferred. Or, for those who have a detached house and have the chance to celebrate a barbecue style in their garden, a comfortable boot or tall boots (especially when combined with dresses to make the New Year's Eve more stylish and meaningful) may be preferred.

Maybe we will not have photos full of love and excitement with our loved ones, but a pose you will give by a fire or next to a brightly lit Christmas tree may be one of the reasons that will make you happy.

Believe us, also you will make them very happy if you choose the shoes that cannot be worn on this special night as gifts for the coming good days and send them to your loved ones.

While we are at home, we will not be able to reflect our elegance to our shoes, but the options we will present to our loved ones will undoubtedly be shoes. Although we cannot give your shoe gifts that you have chosen online, face to face this New Year, we will be able to send them by cargo and make our loved ones smile.

Or for those who leave it to the last minute and forget to buy online, today and tomorrow, they can use their last chance to buy their gifts from shopping centers.

Shoes will undoubtedly be the best gift option to be given. At the same time, do not forget to take your exchange cards! Keep in mind that the shoes will be a risky gift, as each brand's pattern will be different!

By the way, don't skip getting one for yourself by saying it's time to pamper yourself a little.

We wish you all a happy new year… We hope you will have the chance to do everything you wanted but could not do in 2020.