Fulfillment Services For buyer

We know how difficult the process of producing a new shoe-brand is. Manufacturing, procuring goods, creating the collection suitable for the market and the current trends, selling and marketing of the collection and managing the whole operation without an expert team are all a quite problematic process.

Entrepreneurs who are aware of the necessity of inventing in the right market at the right time for the development of a new brand under today's circumstances are going through a painful process to achieve their goal by following the trends depending on seasonality.

At this point, as Shoe Source Turkey, we offer you a consultancy service for producing the collection and the process of procuring goods with the help of our experienced and professional teams and partners. Thus, while you are focusing on increasing the amount of selling your new brand, it will also be possible for you to receive consultancy for business development.

You can take advantage of the selected steps or the whole stages of our consultancy service:


First Stage

Here we see the stage of searching for the market and scheduling.

It is the process of finding out if the brand which is going to be invented and the shoe patterns that have brand identity are convenient to the targeted market.




Second Stage

It is the process in which we see forming the design of the collection that is going to be produced as a result of the research, creating the prototypes of the designs approved by you with the hand-drawing of the experts or computers and after the approved prototype, making the design ready for procuring by colourizing.



Final Stage

It is the process of putting the procuration of the product into practice by choosing the most appropriate one for you among the approved prototypes which are on production phase in line with your request from the pool that contains more than 750 manufacturers.

Besides our consultancy service stages, you can make use of our peripheral services offered by expert teams:




Raw Material Procurement Service

The service that procures all the raw materials related to the shoe at the most appropriate time period and price range by our expert purchasing segment in line with your demand.



Storage and Shipping Service

The service of storing the products and shipping them by cargo to the ultimate customer with the contractual courier companies for the customers who do not have available storerooms and ask for one.




Shoe Repair Service

A shoeshine service that aims to reduce the percentage of refund by repairing the repairable products in accordance with the customer complaint for the shoes sold.

When you originate your own brand, you can take confidential steps with our expert team for exceptional opportunities.