Our Responsibility


At Shoe Source Turkey, our main goal is sustainable manufacturing. We incorporate sustainability from the initial sourcing of raw materials, and follow through untill the end of our whole producion operation. We use economically sound processes, that minimises the negative evironmental impact overall, while we conserve energy and natural resources. As a company, we are committed to ensuring that our strategy and goals recognise this responsibility and across our organisation, we are making important changes to incorporate sustainable practices every day. Above all, our employees share our values and promote a culture of safety. Our teams work alongside each other in a spirit of partnership and collaboration, in prder yo enhance the community at large.

Economic Impact

Our efforts not only aim to create more jobs and drive innovation, but alsı, they aim to invest in company infrastructure

Social Impact

We offer our employees excellent working conditions, thus respecting human rights, and we treat our suppliers fairly and ensuring product safety

Environmental Impact

As a way of reducing the environmental footprint, our primary goal is to prduce ethical shoes with ethically sourced materials.

Footwear designers, shoe developers, product managers, and factories can make choices to help reduce the negative environmental and social impacts of shoe production.

There are no magic shoe materials or production techniques that can make a shoe entirely green, sustainable, or ethical. Depending on our own environmental and social priorities, there are many options available.

We will consider different aspects of shoe production that can make your shoes more or less environmentally sustainable:

  • Sustainable shoe material selection
  • Environmentally friendly footwear production processes
  • Waste reduction in footwear manufacturing

The Biodegradable Shoe

We are producing biodegradable shoes in an effort to experiment with sustainable materials and make shoes that will break down faster at the end of their lives. 


Another way to reduce the overall environmental impact of footwear production is to specify some of the many footwear materials made with recycled content. When reviewing materials for sustainable shoes, it is important to understand the difference between post-consumer and post-industrial waste. Many industrial processes create waste or scrap inside the factories.

However, the supply factory will recover and reprocess these materials into the finished materials. For instance, the injection molding supplier will regrind, and re-mold wasted materials. Fabric factories will chop and re-purpose textile fibers. For many factories, this is a simple and smart way to save money. Factories will collect other post-industrial waste and send it out for reprocessing into various other products.

It’s much more than just recycling. It’s about where footwear producers get their materials from. Resources in our planet are scarce and companies also have the responsibility to ensure their consumers they are doing their part protecting our world.

Becoming a more sustainable company is not an easy task, but we challenge ourselves to improve—simply because our world depends on it. Saving our planet and our resources are the top of our priority list.

We have an ecological vision, right in line with the footwear we manufacture.

Our aim is to spread our philosophy and lifestyle to our customers, in order to join efforts and guarantee a better world for next generation.

And our target is the increasing of researches about recycling footwear components and the development of biodegradable materials and processes points a sustainability trend in this sector.