Shoe Source Turkey

Representing the process of production and procurement of footwear in Turkey both as online and offline, Shoe Source Turkey is at your service.

In the platform in which we bring more than 750 Turkish footwear manufacturers with the prestigious customers who wish to procure footwear, we offer the quality control service we carry out with our experienced staff and foreigner partners, during the process of footwear procurement with flexible alternatives.

An office, where global standards are applied and with Shoe Source Turkey in which we cooperate with international accreditation inspection agencies, will be present in Turkey, as well.



The liberty of choosing the manufacturer who is able to meet all the qualificaitons you search for.





The process of procurement and respect for humanity in facilities that we periodically inspect to achieve international ethical production standards.



Design and rapid sample process management

Production of the prototype of the shoes in the design you request.
Designing shoes from scratch and producing prototypes with the original design team.
Creating a shoe collection and providing sample supply of the created collection.




Production with quality control and zero defect principle

Of the shoes you will supply; production with quality control and zero defect principle within the standards you set, such as material supply control, production stage control and final control.



Delivery on time

Checking the entire procurement process with our experienced team regularly to receive your order on the date you specified and giving information about the preparation process of your order with weekly reports.





Rapid supply within 4 to 6 weeks for a new request for shoes you will supply within the same season.



Storing before delivery

In order for your order to reach you on the date required, we keep it in a storeroom you choose located in Turkey before the delivery.




Full Transparency

The entire procurement process management is completely open and transparent.



Export and transportation

Managing the export and shipping process to every region of the world.